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How to Care For Your Graying Hair

More and more women are deciding to embrace their graying hair. They are finally realizing that it has nothing to do with getting old.
Here's How:

  1. Oily Hair: The biggest problem you face is how often you must wash it. Each washing strips oil so it is very important to look for a moisturing shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Dry Hair: While you may be able to wash your hair less often, stripping away oil is still a big problem. Conditioning is something that is a must. You might want to consider a leave-in conditioner and a monthly deep conditioning treatment.
  3. Wiry Hair: Another big problem to deal with. Your hair has suddenly developed a mind of its own. Again, a moisturizing shampoo will help put the moisture
  4. back into the strands and be sure to avoid any products containing alchohol. Again, condition your hair well.
  5. The Cut: A trendy cut is VERY important. Head for the best salon you can afford and have the stylist work his magic. He will no doubt come up with the latest style to go with your trendy new color!
  6. Blow drying your hair straight with the use of a straightening balm will also help with the wiry strands. Tames them right down.
  7. Special Shampoos... see Tip #2 below.
  8. Use of Heat Appliances continued... see Tip #3
  9. The Use of Sancho Pepper... see Tip #4


  1. Gray hair is coarser and dryer than the rest of your hair and I can't stress the importance of conditioning after every shampoo. You might also look into leave in conditioners to help control the new texture.
  2. If your gray has a yellow cast, you might want to alternate your shampoos with one especially formulated for graying hair. They contain bluing agents similiar to laundry detergents... believe it or not!
  3. Avoid overuse of heating appliances and if you are using them on a regular basis, deep conditioning is a must!
  4. A special Japanese pepper called sancho (used in cooking) is being investigated for its ability to rev up the pigmentation cells that control the color of your hair.
  5. Sancho pepper continued... Many experts in Japan are convinced that sancho lotion will eliminate gray hair permanently. Time will tell!

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post by Betty A. Warren from Springfield Gardens, NY October 5, 2011 at October 5, 2011
I have a relaxer in my hair, but I dislike the yellowing. I do not like the bluing some shampoos leave in the hair.
I just want to enjoy my gray hair.
post by Gail Owens from Georgia at June 21, 2010
I am an african american with graying hair. I do not have a relaxer or any color in my hair. I am having a problem keeping my hair from frizing no matter what I do. Immediately after I blow dry it it reverts to a frizzy mess. Would love suggestions.
post by Jason Zhu from US at May 8, 2010
how can I get the Sancho pepper shampoo Please?
post by Pat Dillon from Terre Haute, Indiana at January 8, 2010
My formerly auburn hair, thick, coarse, full of body and curl, is gray now, and after chemo, it came back fine, no body and no curl. Help!! It is straight, and won't even hold curls from rollers.
post by Lori Kramer from United States at August 31, 2009
I discovered a new product called TouchBack by ColorMetrics. TouchBack is a marker that covers gray roots between professional coloring. TouchBack is the fastest touch-up for gray roots. Dries in a minute. Won't flake or rub off even after brushing.
post by ROBBIN HOBDY from United States at February 22, 2009
Hello My name is Robbin,
My gray hair is controlled by washing and deep hot oil treatments once a week. I shampoo with clairol shimmer lights,my conditioner's are Queen Helene cholesterol ahd Ginseng mix with a teaspoon of doo gro oil treatment. Massage into the hair and cover with a plastic cap and sit under the dryer for 15mins. raise well with cool water , then I massage with doo gro Mega Thick rebuilding thickening treatment mix with Ion Intensive therapy protein rebuilder and moisturizer, cover with a plastic cap for 15 to 20 mins rinse with cool water ,towel dry. Then I apply Doo
Gro leave in conditioner. Blow dry, after wards I apply Doo Gro conditioner lotion and flat iron. Afterwards I give my hair a good brush roller set with silk element stying gel. This leaves my hair soft, and easy to manage with lots of curls.

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